Cheers to Five Years

Cheers to Five Years

As of today, we have officially been in business for 5 years!

When we started Marciante and Company, we had no idea what kind of company we wanted to be. We just knew what the brand would look like and that we wanted to make a difference. We knew we had a vision to do something different. Build something classic and modern at the same time. Something that looks and feels like luxury, but also accessible. We had a vision of Robin Hood when we came up with “leather for the people”

In the last 5 years, we have grown from a husband and wife team with shoe boxes stacked in our apartment living room - to a handful of young, motivated, creatives spread out in the US and Mexico - running two brands from our headquarters in Dallas. A lot has changed! We put everything on hold to make masks for nearly 6 months and pushed through two years of a pandemic. Navigating the uncertainty of health, regulation, economy, political climate, and all-around craziness in our country.

Now it’s 2022 and we’re celebrating 5 Years in business. It’s a very significant milestone for us because we’re well aware of what the statistics say about small businesses and startups. 20% fail in the first year, 30% in the 2nd, less than 50% make it to year 5. We’re very blessed and extremely thankful to be standing here today. Never want to take this for granted, and eternally grateful to all those that have been supporting and encouraging us all along the way. Whether you were there on Day 1, or if you joined along the way…we sincerely appreciate you and would not be here without you.

The Future
We’ve still got big dreams, and exciting things in store. Sometimes it’s hard for us to be patient, but we have to trust the process and continue methodically and sustainably building. We’re developing and cultivating new relationships that we know will present some exciting opportunities and updates. We hope to expand into some other arenas that we haven’t operated in yet, one of those being a potential brick and mortar location. We’ve also seen a continually growing presence in other cities outside of Dallas over the years, so be on the lookout for some creative activations in some of those places!
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