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"How do they fit?"

"How do they fit?"

That's the million dollar question right?
With so many different styles of shoes coming from different parts of the world, made in different ways, and from different's to be expected that the fit is going to be, well...different. There are some general rules of thumb like 'athletic shoes fit a bit small so size up' but when comparing similar styles sometimes it feels like rolling dice, right?

When making our shoes, we were faced with similar challenges as not all shoes made in Mexico are the same, and sizing is different than US sizing. We've done an extensive amount of fit testing through the years and made adjustments to both the fit of the shoe AND the way we communicate recommendations. We've tried to dial it in to as close to "true to size" as possible. Meaning if you use a standard Brannock Device to measure your foot, or have it done in any department store, that size should be the size you order!

Ordering online can be tricky, and everyone's feet are different, so it's not possible to have a universal truth when it comes to the fit of shoes. BUT...what we can do is continue to test, get feedback, and refine our approach based on the information! That being are some helpful guidelines if you're ready to give The Marie a shot and wondering what size you should order.

  • These shoes really do fit true to size. If you've had your foot measured and they gave you a number: trust that.
  • If you tend to have more narrow feetgo half a size smaller. This will help you still have a secure fit without too much sliding and movement.
  • If you tend to have a wider foot OR a high instepgo half a size larger. This will give you the extra room you need for a comfortable fit without your foot being squeezed or the leather gripping your foot too tightly causing discomfort.

Certainly hope this helps! We're always available to offer advice or make recommendations, so please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thanks and happy shopping!

-Jacqueline Marciante

The Marie - Women's Leather Flats - Marciante and Company

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