Three Reasons Why Real Leather is Better

Three Reasons Why Real Leather is Better


    Let’s face it. It’s 2017 and there are some pretty crazy fashion trends out there. But one of our favorite things about the eclectic era of fashion we are in is the return of all of the old, well-loved classics like fishnet tights, mom jeans and, naturally, LEATHER. There’s nothing we love more than quality leather goods, which is why we stick to the basics with our authentic leather footwear and accessories. The good thing about leather products is that they never go out of style. (And if they do, you can guarantee they’ll be back.) Just think about that red, MJ-style leather jacket tucked away in the back of your dad’s closet—he probably rocked that thing before you were born and, now, you’re likely to find that same style on an upcoming cover of Vogue.

    Who What Wear and Vogue have some great articles on how to rock your leather style.


      One thing we can promise you about real leather products is that they will outlast the cheap stuff ten times out of ten. People have been making clothing, shelters, and all kinds of goods out of leather for hundreds of years because of its phenomenal strength and equally-incredible flexibility. Leather provides the best of both worlds with its ability to stretch form into any shape while maintaining its toughness. Not only that, but leather also improves with age—some may say it’s like a good cheese in that way…The longer you wear a pair of leather shoes, the better they will fit your foot and the more they will acquire their own pizzazz. (By pizzazz, we mean the unique markings and beautiful shading a well-worn pair will acquire over years of use.) But don’t fret if you’re not into the vintage thing because you can always keep leather looking good as new if you’re willing to give it a little bit of TLC. Check out this post from Good Housekeeping on Leather Care 101 for how-to’s on giving your top-quality leather goods the treatment they deserve.



        The typical replacement for real leather is an artificial combination of plastic and leather known as “pleather.” Pleather is typically made of something known as PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride, a material that is essentially plastic. This doesn’t have the same durability, comfort, or feel of real leather. It also won’t show the actual grain or the characteristics that real leather carries like scarring and stretch marks and all the other natural elements that give leather such a beautiful look. The leather is natural, so just like any other thing being replaced by an artificial alternative (cotton, foods, etc) it’s just not going to be as good. In look, in feel, in durability, and long term since you’ll have to replace it so many times: in overall cost as well.

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